We have created a new v2 API to correspond to version 2.0 of our Dark Sky App. This adds the following API endpoint:

  • https://api.forecast.io/forecast

Notable new features include:

  • Support for UK minute-by-minute weather forecasts (in addition to the USA, which was already supported).
  • Hourly and daily weather forecasts for the next week, supported globally.
  • Severe weather alerts for the USA and UK.
  • “Time Machine” requests, allowing you to request the weather for dates in the future or past.

Further details may be found on our blog and in our documentation.

In addition, the v1 API has been deprecated, since its functionality has been superseded by the v2 API. The following calls may continue to be accessed by existing API accounts, but we strongly recommend migrating to the v2 API as soon as possible:

  • https://api.darkskyapp.com/v1/forecast
  • https://api.darkskyapp.com/v1/brief_forecast
  • https://api.darkskyapp.com/v1/precipitation
  • https://api.darkskyapp.com/v1/interesting