We have made a number of updates to severe weather alerts in the Dark Sky API:

  • We have added a new data source for severe weather alerts, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ecpa). This introduces support for Canadian weather alerts, though please be advised that only English alerts are supported so far.
  • Alerts now include a regions property, which indicates which administrative regions the severe weather alert covers. (This used to be a part of the title property and has been moved. This fixes a commonly-noted issue where severe weather titles are extremely long.)
  • Alerts now include a severity property, which indicates the severity of the weather alert. (Additionally, alerts are returned in order of descending severity.)
  • We have rewritten the data fetching layer from scrach, which should substantially reduce the latency involved in discovering new alerts.
  • We have found and fixed a number of bugs, particularly in determining which alerts cover which locations.

As usual, details may be found in our documentation.