We have made some modifications to our weather forecasting model:

  1. Our humidity and air pressure models have been upgraded to the same resolution as our temperature model: 1/120th of a degree of arc, and we have added the infrastructure to support upgrading other weather conditions once we’re comfortable with the quality of those models.
  2. We now use a new algorithm for calculating current conditions which should be significantly more accurate, especially in locations that are distant from nearby weather stations.
  3. We have fixed several classes of minor forecasting bugs and data artifacts.

In addition, we have made some other, more minor maintenance changes:

  1. Our timezone database has been updated to the latest available, fixing issues that have been reported in some locations (particularly in Antarctica, Indiana, Finland, and Nepal).
  2. summary properties may now be requested in the following languages:

    1. Bengali (bn)
    2. Esperanto (eo)
    3. Hindi (hi)
    4. Kannada (kn)
    5. Marathi (mr)
    6. Punjabi (pa)
    7. Tamil (ta)
    8. Telugu (te)
  3. Bug fixes have been applied to several languages, including Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Spanish, and Swedish.

As usual, details may be found in our documentation.